What We Offer

Interior Design

Our style at studio.ed is timeless, where warmth and informality are key. We love to mix old with new and with every project, we like to source from many different suppliers and tradesmen, creating a bespoke interior to suit the clients everyday needs.

We always take our clients style and requirements into account, and like to work together to create thoughtfully designed spaces. Our services range from full home renovations, to help with the interiors of individual rooms.

Project Management

Our project management service covers everything from daily management to coordination, design to construction. It’s where we plan, execute, engage, report and manage the entire project on behalf of the client.


E-design is a hands-off approach to interior design, where clients are offered a virtual service, which allows them to create a bespoke space without a large invoice at the end. It is perfect for those that would like some design direction and expertise, but are also happy to contribute to the space, and manage and oversee the project.